Training Philosophy

We all do more for those we trust and respect.  Dogs are no different.  If training isn’t working, you’ve come to the right place.  At CRCS, we specialize in behavior, a very different approach than training.  The most respectful way to communicate to any being, whether human or canine, is to communicate to them on their level.  Through respectful communication, not with force or overtreatment, we help dogs overcome and learn new ways of doing things.  Just like us, they are all individuals.  What works for one dog may not work for another.  Our behavior-based training problems get to the root cause of the issue so you and your canine companion can strengthen your relationship and get more out of life!
Behavior Consultation • $150
This is the first step in any CRCS training program!  We offer a two-hour session with our Certified Trainer and Behavior Consultant to introduce yourself, your dog, and their challenges.  You’ll walk away with a lot of information and tips on how to begin changing behavior at home right away.  Together we’ll then develop a personalized training plan.
Behavior Consultation Package • $350
We offer a three-hour behavior consultation and hands-on assessment.  This consultation covers a lot more information and dives much more deeply into behavior and messaging.  This is geared towards canines who display more serious behavior challenges.
In-Home Behavior Consultation • $225
(prices may change depending on distance)
We offer a two-hour behavior consultation in the comfort of your own home where we can identify and discuss specific areas in your environment in relation to behavior.
Assessment / Evaluation • $150
This is a professional, hands-on behavior assessment and evaluation.  Our assessments are often used for those who have tried multiple training methods without success, rescue groups or shelters needing evaluations, court cases, landlords, or those looking to start training again but who may not know where to begin.  This includes a 30-minute review upon pick up.
One on One • $100
Prerequisite: Behavior Consultation
This is an 80 minute hands-on coaching session held out on the trails, in a real world setting with you, your dog, our behaviorist, and often an assistant.
Intensive Training • $80
Prerequisite: Behavior Consultation
Intensive training sessions are reserved for canines working to overcome more serious behavioral challenges.  These sessions are longer, more intensive, and meant to target a specific behavior such as fear, reactivity, aggression, inexperience, and more.