Doggy Daycamp

The CRCS Daycamp program is customized to the needs of each dog. We can build a good foundation layer with basic training, do activities while can help build confidence, practice loose leash walking, or work on their communication/socialization skills. We learn about your dog and design a day around what they need most. Some families use Daycamp as a fun play date while they’re at work, while other parents have invested quite a bit of time in our intensive training program (targeting a specific behavior) and use Daycamp as a way to reinforce all the foundation work we’ve put in, while we continue to work on other areas. It’s really all about what’s most needed for the dog. Camp should be fun! 

Whether it is a work trip, vacation, or a family emergency that requires you to travel, our sleepover program provides overnight support for dogs who need more individualized attention. Rooms are sprayed with DoTerra essential calming oils and filled with blankets, beds, and entertainment to help them feel comfortable and pampered between play. Throughout the day, your dog will enjoy fun, structured outings that are specific to their needs. CRCS can work on socialization, basic commands, and loose leash walking, or we can dive into engaging activities such as our confidence course, ramps and slides, tree stump climbing, or ball play. You tell us what they’ll enjoy and our team is on it. Calming music is played at night and every dog gets a night light. Photo updates can be sent per your request. So tell us, what would your dog like to do while you’re away?
Overnight Support