Giving is important

Donations Save Lives

Help us help more dogs like Sully and Nero.

$50 = Provide beginner guidance for an unadaptable shelter dog, introducing them to basic commands and manners so they can find a loving forever home.
$100 = Teach a dog how to walk well on a leash and improve recall – skills that not only broaden the adopter pool, but can potentially save their life.
$150 =  Help an under-socialized dog expand their social circle with both humans and dogs, giving them an opportunity at adoption. Without proper socialization, millions of dogs lose their lives every year.
$200 = Help a dog that’s overcoming major trauma begin to learn a new way of life. By addressing the root cause of whatever behavior prevented them from getting rescued or adopted in the first place, we can reshape their behavior and open up a new world of positivity for the dog. This is where they learn how to be a dog again – a beautiful thing.

With your help, we can give any dog a second chance.

We take in dogs who truly need to be given a second chance, as many have been in shelters for over one year or more. These dogs need our intense training and love to learn to be dogs again, and then to find loving homes all their own. By your generous gift, you can help us give these precious dogs the safety, care, training, and love they have been waiting for.  Become a recurring donor, for any amount, and support our Organization throughout the year.

To give by check please mail to: 555 US Hwy 395, North Washoe Valley, NV 89704

Donation Value: $25.00

A monthly gift saves lives all year.

Most people donate $50. Please give what you can.
Most people donate $30. Please give what you can.

 Is this donation in memory or honor of someone?