We perform home visits to ensure we are placing our animals into safe environments. Many of our dogs have been removed from horrible conditions. It is our mission to place them in better situations where they will be loved and live happy lives. In addition, we want to meet the adoptive family to ensure that this animal will be a good match for you. We try to consider all of the factors that will help make a FOREVER placement. A volunteer, either from our organization or another rescue (depending on the distance), will schedule a time to meet with you and will tour your home, asking where the animal will sleep, where the animal will be kept when you’re not home, checking the condition of outdoor fencing (as applicable), etc. We are not checking for your style or preference of décor, but rather checking to see if your household will be a good match and provide a safe environment for the adoptive animal!
Pets are accepted in our program for various reasons. Their stories are amazing and inspirational. Most just need a little time and help before they find a loving home. 80% are transferred from other shelters or rescue groups where they were scheduled to be euthanized, labeled unadoptable or sat in a shelter for an extended period of time. 20% come directly from people in the community. People go through trauma as well and often when that happens, their pet needs to be rehomed. Seniors, military, a death in the family or an adoption from another shelter that simply didn't work out are the most common reasons. As part of our adoption process, you have an opportunity to sit down with someone and hear the story of each pet you meet. It's important to us that you know what they've experienced in life. It gives you insight and an opportunity to connect and see if it's the right match for your family.
Absolutely! All of our visits are by appointment, Tuesday through Saturday. Contact our front desk at 775-800-1906 to schedule. During your appointment, you will meet several different dogs that may be good potential matches for your lifestyle. We love to show you options and get your feedback, then together we can start narrowing it down to the perfect fit. CRCS is a training and recovery center so during the day we are out working with the dogs. Appointments allow us to give you our full attention. We can schedule our training sessions around your appointment time. Everybody wins! 
Because those "free" pets are going to need veterinarian care that you will have to pay for anyway. When you adopt from us, you are adopting a dog that has gone through our training program, received vaccinations, is micro-chipped and preregistered, is spayed/neutered and comes with training and behavior help for life. When you adopt from us, you join the family. We pride ourselves on making sure that every dog we sponsor gets exceptional care. Before entering our program, most have never even been to a veterinarian before. In fact, our veterinary bills add up too much more than we are able to recoup through the adoption fee alone.
No, you are given the option on the application to list specific names of pets in our program or the breed of animal you are looking to adopt.
The exact amount of time varies with each adoption. Every pet is different. Some can go home right away, others may need a little more time. In most cases, we like our adopters to have a little bit of a relationship with the pet prior to taking them home. Some adopters come and take dogs on walks before adoption day while others spend time with our trainers watching and participating in demos so they can see all the work that the dog put in! It's a fun and exciting process and all about relationship building. We move the adoption along at the pace that's most comfortable for the dog and adopter. It's all about you and your new dog!
We strive for good matches when it comes to pets and their potential new families. Some animals have certain issues that must be taken into consideration. Although you might have good intentions, it would not be fair to you or the animal for a “mismatched” adoption to occur.
It is very stressful for animals to be moved from place to place. Keep in mind that the dogs in our program have been moved at least once already. In order to limit the stress the animals will incur, we allow pets to move to their approved homes after the adoption agreement is signed with the commitment to help the animal adjust to its final move into its forever home. Time can certainly be spent with any animal in our program at its foster home or during the home visit.
Puppies take loads of time, attention, and training. Therefore, we strongly suggest that puppies under six months of age will not be alone for more than four hours at a time in an eight hour workday. We highly encourage working families to consider older puppies and adult dogs, but if your heart is set on a puppy, please consider doggie daycare.
Most often an older pet has already gone through the chewing, house soiling, and overactive baby stages. An older pet may adjust to your routine more quickly and, of course, will give you a great deal of loyalty and love. There are so many reasons why you should consider an older pet. Contact us and we’ll tell you why!
Adoption fees are as follows: puppies, ages 0 to six months: $250 puppies, ages seven months to one year: $150 adult dogs, ages one to seven years: $125 adult dogs, ages seven years +: $50 adoption fees cover the cost of vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and microchipping.