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Meet Chance! This is one very special boy. In the right home with the right person, he'll be your tried and true until the end. He wants nothing more than to connect with a person, find stability and feel like he's part of something. For anyone that has a heart for special needs dogs, room for one more in your pack, or anyone that is a survivor and desires to connect with another, this might be a beautiful opportunity. Chance suffered life threatening head trauma and survived. The trauma effected his motor skills and ability to process information. Inside this beautiful dog, is an extremely loving and gentle soul. He just can't always communicate in ways you'd expect. We've spent a long time getting to know Chance, gaining his trust, observing his behaviors and what they mean, learning his wants/needs. We will sit down with any interested person and review with you all the beautiful layers that make up Chance. He does take time to get to know you, time to trust, time to transition to new environments. Once he's comfortable, he'll slowly reveal all the personality that's hiding in there. And the dog within is amazing! We promise. He is looking for a low stimulus environment and human that is home during the day. Because he is so young and has a long life ahead of him, he'll need a person that is willing to help him get out and slowly learn about the world around him. A backyard and the inside of a house are not quite enough to help him continue to grow. Expanding his world will help him become all that he was meant to be. We support anyone that supports Chance. His new family will have our support for life. Inquire for details. We love this kid.