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Meet Mac! Once this guy gets to know you, he is absolutely full of personality! He'll keep you entertained and laughing, we promise! Funny, playful, energetic and ridiculously affectionate with his people! He'd sit on your lap all day if you let him. He does take time to trust and will need a transition to home. Go slow and invest some time and he'll give you his full heart. Mac is looking for an experienced dog owner, one that is a natural leader. With calm leadership, he'll show you what being a loyal companion is all about. Here at the center, Mac truly enjoys activities that engage him. He flies over the A-frame running alongside his handler, he plays the tree stump game, loves learning commands and more. He has taken the Loose Leash training at CRCS and also has all of his Foundation Layer training down to a T. With a fairly decent vocabulary and list of commands under his belt, an eagerness to get out and do, a desire to learn more and a fun-loving personality to those he knows, he is truly a BFF for the right person. Mac does great in the car and in home environments. He is clean and well behaved inside the home with his family. He may require a spot on the couch though... just saying. He loves his soft bed and bones. Mac's ideal environment is spacious. He asks not to be placed with humans that want him to conform to a social butterfly lifestyle. It just isn't him. Outside of your regular neighborhoods, off in the hills, wide open spaces and a reserved spot in the car that says "co-pilot"..... now you're talking. We love this kid.