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Meet Mia! Loyal, loving, reserved. This pretty girl. Shy at first and unsure. Over time, she trusts. Beautiful eyes, cropped tail, blonde shiny coat, thick body type. She's got a unique look and will catch your eye. Mia is a little uncertain about new people at first, building a relationship just takes her a little time. She can get there. Once you are in, you are in. We've really grown to love everything about this lady. She is just craving a person to call her own. Stability, walks, being a part of something. These are the things that will help her thrive. Her ideal home is quiet and will want to take her out on walks, hikes or car rides. She doesn't really care, she just wants to be with you. A new human and a slow introduction to the real world. Mia lacks experience with other dogs. She got along well with her family dogs but those were the only dogs she knew. At our facility, she walks out on the trails around other dogs without problem or reactivity, but she does have some spacial sensitives and needs to be an only dog. To make an appointment to meet Mia and learn more, please give us a call at 775-800-1906.