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Meet Meeka! Shy of people, lover of dogs. Inside this beautiful girl, is an extremely playful, silly, curious, loving personality. She revels it to those she trusts, slowly, over time. Meeka is a very gentle soul with a soft personality. Upon first meet, she appears to be a bit terrified in some environments, yet playful and happy-go-lucky in other environments. It all depends on the people and how much pressure she feels. Meeka does unbelievably well in a home and at certain times of the day, she gets a big smile and comes to life! That side of her is not something you'll see for a bit, but believe us when we say it's in there! And it is beautiful. We are so extremely proud of this girl and know she will thrive with the right people in the right environment. She will need to get out and see the world, go hiking, experience things. A backyard is not enough. She does have some fears and sensitivities to loud noises, men and certain objects. Here at CRCS we've been working at helping her overcome those daily. We will provide behavior help and training support for Meeka for life.