Rob & Horus

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What's better than one dog? Two! If you are a two dog household, the work of integrating two dogs together is already done for ya! Rob and Horus are a bonded pair and have known each other their entire life. These two are a couple of sweet boys ready to move to the next chapter in their life. Stability, space to run and play and people to kick back with. More than anything, they just want to feel part of the family. Companionship, companionship, companionship. They just want to feel like they are included on activities. We do need to get out and exercise, but we'd also love to help you watch your favorite show if that's what sounds best! If you've got an extra spot on the couch, tell CRCS you'd love to meet us! To make an appointment to meet us or just to learn more about us and see if we would be a good fit for your home, please contact CRCS at 775-800-1906