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Meet Zeke! Athletic, energetic, loyal, loving. He may only have 3 legs, but it hasn't slowed him down at all thank you very much! This kid is very smart and eager to learn. Zeke has made a few special requests for his next home and we will do our very best help him find what he so desires! Structure and leadership are at the top of his list. Without that, he assumes you aren\'t quite sure what you are doing and that he needs to protect you. Show him what you do want and watch out, this is a super dog! He is extremely affectionate and loving once he gets to know you. He literally wants to be by your side, ready for whatever you tell him! In the right environment with the right person, this could quite possibly be the most loyal, loving and dedicated dog on the planet. He is ready to serve. You just need to tell him how. He will be at his absolute best in a spacious, quiet environment with calm, confident, gentle and loving people. He rides excellent in the car. He is extremely clean in his room here at CRCS, never makes a mess or destroys anything. Well, in full disclosure, maybe an occasional stuffed animal or two.