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Meet Priest! Sweet, silly, playful, loving. Oh, and helpful! She may be a senior but she is all about taking long walks, following you around the house and helping wherever she can! She has just the perfect amount of energy! Her breed and her individual personality tell her that the very best thing on the planet is to hang by your side and help. She's craving a team mate, a partner, a companion, a bond. She absolutely loves riding in the car so a human that likes to have dog as co-pilot would be amazing! She is asking for companionship during the day and someone that is active and will include her on activities. If you are gardening, she can help. If you need a snuggle partner while you watch your favorite show, she's all in. She truly enjoys her walks and getting out to explore! Her ideal human won't have "no couch" rules (she asked if we could mention that, it's pretty important :-)). Priest is really all about people. If asked, she'd prefer to be an only dog, however, if other dogs are present in the home, she asks that they are respectful of her space and not to jumpy, playful or boisterous. This dog will truly make one heck of a canine companion! She has had several owners and it's really time she find a stable home where she can settle in and stop worrying if she'll get rehomed again. She wants more than anything to simply enjoy all the life she's got left and know she's "home". Whoever is lucky enough to have this girls heart, will also gain a new family and fan club. Us. We love her! A gentle soul.