Marley Bear

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Meet Marley Bear! Intelligent, well mannered, handsome. This boy craves structure and engagement. A beautiful dog with a calm demeanor yet an alert mind. Marley has gone through our foundation layer training and loose leash training. He knows all his commands, follows hand signals, practices long line, recall and more. He walks good on the leash, rides great in the car and keeps things pretty even keel on the outside. However, his mind and body crave more than you'd notice at first meet. A few of his favorite things are being engaged with his handler, playing ball and taking long walks/hikes. Marley Bear is calm, respectful and under control. His breed and individual temperament prefer that those around him follow those same principals. Households with quick moving animals or children, running, raised voices or any other "non-structured" activities are not a good fit for Marley. Environment affects him and he has asked us to help him find a home that is calm, spacious and active. He would absolutely love some type of mental and physical stimulation daily. It is what fulfills him and it keeps him feeling good. Marley Bear is affectionate and loving with his peeps yet he has a bit of an independent side at times. This boy will make an incredible companion for some lucky human! His desire to please will slowly reveal itself as his relationship with you deepens and he and gains respect. You invest time in building a relationship and he'll give you his full heart. Plus more. We love this kid.