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Meet Oswald! Smart, athletic, loyal, loving. This handsome young man is craving a job or an athlete to run along side! He absolutely loves structure and activity. His ideal human is a calm leader. Family life is ok and all, but that just isn't his thing. More than anything, he wants to be a co-pilot and your right hand guy. He asked us to help him find an environment with low stimulus so if you are a social busy body, like to take your dog everywhere or frequent busy trails and dog parks, he may not be the best fit. He like to work hard, play hard and show off his aestheticism in a quieter setting. It brings him balance. He's a beautiful soul with so much to give. For the right person, this will be "that dog" that knows what you are thinking before you do. We are pretty sure he can understand full sentences! No bias (well, maybe a little). He's just that smart! Love this kid.