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Meet Lucas! He's smart, affectionate and loyal. Lucas has a soft, loving side and a side that craves structure and leadership. He absolutely adores his people. His brain tells him that there must be rules and structure or nothing makes sense. When you engage this dog, he looks deep into your eyes and you can feel it, he is ready to listen and do. He is ready for guidance. Show him, tell him... and he's in. He is very intelligent and loves following commands. He mastered our confidence building course in a flash then learned our foundation layer commands and asked for more. Lucas not only wants to follow his leader, he NEEDS it. It fulfills him and brings him to his highest potential. He has a good amount of energy and will need a human that likes to get out and enjoy hikes and other low impact exercise. But, he's also ready to help you watch your favorite show. He is well behaved in the house and clean. His needs don't quite match the lifestyle of those with kids or other dogs. We promised him we'd listen to his requests. Love this boy!