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Meet Willow! Intelligent, lover of dogs, independent, agile, athletic, and an excellent canine communicator. This pretty lady is our "go to" for behavior work and training here at CRCS. She has helped more dogs in our facility (CRCS residents and dogs that come to us for training) than we can begin to describe. It is her job here and she loves it. Her past is that of survival and disconnectedness. After many months in our program, Willow has asked us to help her find something very specific in her forever home and we are working hard to find it! She connects to dogs first and foremost. Her ideal home will have multiple dogs in the home because she needs a "pack". It is the key to her success as it will keep her fulfilled, grounded and at home. And we do mean that literally. She plays an important role in the pack and she takes her job seriously. She is the peacemaker, the calm, the leader, the teacher. She keeps it light, respectful, direct and loving. Willow is truly unique and special. Sorry, Willow is not a family dog or a dog for a room-mate setting. It will take time for her next "family" to build a relationship with her while she stays at CRCS, then it will take time to transition her home. In order for her to succeed, she will need a bond with all humans and canines in the home before actually going home. Willow is a wise and beautiful soul. Services provided for Willow for life. Age 5 years. 42 lbs.