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Meet Sully! Herding instinct meets goofy! This kid is always surprising us in one way or another. If you looked at a photo or video of Sully when he first arrived, you wouldn't be able to recognize him. Physically and mentally he was a completely different dog. We are so proud of how far he has come during his recovery here at CRCS! What an absolute joy it has been to watch. He is on the hunt for a human that can show him the ropes as he continues to learn about this big wide world and all that it has to offer. He responds to calm, gentle guidance. Sully has taken day trips off site to be able to experience life inside a home and he is eager to continue to learn! Sully is very animated in his play and believes with all his heart that all dogs should want to be his BFF (to a fault.... he doesn't read "I need my space" signals from other dogs very well). He is still learning that even play has limits. Or does it? ;-) We've taken Sully as far as we can at CRCS. It is time for him to transition to a home and family. CRCS is your new support crew as you embark on this new adventure with our boy! From free Daycamps (for days when you have to be gone awhile) to overnight support, we want to make this successful for you and Sully! Calm, patient, experienced dog owners inquire within. Let's do this! The herding dog in him says no cats please.