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Meet Rocky! Tall, energetic, athletic and handsome. This big boy is still young (only 3 years old), especially at heart! If his good looks don’t win you over right off the bat, his goofy personality will! He can be a little unsure of some new people so he may not give trust right away. Once he knows he can trust you, he's all in and gives his full heart. He is extremely affectionate and silly with his people. Rocky would love to join an active human. Hiking and camping trips sound like a blast to him thank you very much! And if you’re looking for a running partner, this is your guy! Rocky has been at CRCS for a few months and he has learned so much! He has been through foundation training, loose leash walking and socialization training. Rocky's ideal environment is quiet and spacious with active, experienced dog owners that can physically handle a large dog. With proper introduction, Rocky loves to play with most dogs! The lifestyle that comes with children is not the best fit for Rocky. Cats unknown. This boy is absolutely beautiful in person.