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I’m Kacee. If you’re looking for a fun and active addition to your life, I’m your girl! Since I’ve been in shelters for a few years now, my play skills are a little awkward with other dogs--but my CRCS family is helping me learn that taking a more calm approach to playtime works best. I just get so excited sometimes I can’t help but shouting--but I’m learning that not everyone likes to be loud. My favorite things are playing ball for hours and swimming in the pool. Pretty much anything that keeps me moving and keeps me active, I’m a fan of! I already know the basic commands. The staff says I’m a really good listener! The CRCS staff is really working on my skills with other dogs and trying to figure out what I’m comfortable with. If you have another dog at home don’t be discouraged though! My CRCS family would be more than happy to help you with proper introductions to see if we would make a good match.