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Meet Lexi! Energetic, smart, friendly, alert! Lexi loves meeting new people and greets strangers with enthusiasm (and a kiss)! She is a lover at heart. We've been helping Lexi learn all about being a dog! From loose leash walking to basic commands to learning how to meet new doggie friends. Once she gets the basics down, her new family will be pretty darn lucky! She's soaking in all the new information and working hard every day! Shepherds are a guardian breed so her ideal human will understand or have experience with guardian breeds. All good things in life come with patience and this pretty lady in on the right track for success! We'd love to show you how far she has come! Come say hello to Lexi and learn more about her journey. As Lexi continues to go through socialization training, she will need to be an only pet. Of course, one large German Shepherd is just as good as having two dogs! If you are active and know how to calmly provide structure and lead a beautiful, eager, intelligent German Shepherd towards success, this just might be your girl! She is stunning in person! CRCS is here to support Lexi during her transition and post-adoption. Age 3. Cats unknown.