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Meet Sophie! Loyal, loving, special needs. A beautiful girl with a heart for her people. Sophie is stunning in person and very large, approx 140 lbs. She takes a little time to get to know you, but once she does, she is so funny and loving. She has a ton of personality and gives her full heart. She does have some eyesight challenges. Being a guardian breed already, and now with eyesight challenges, this young lady is going to need a human that she can count on and communicate with. Sophie is very affectionate and loyal to those she knows. More than anything, Sophie needs stability, consistency and to be included as part of the family. Once she bonds, her person becomes her world. Space, quiet, companionship and leadership are at the top of her list. Our team will provide full support- showing you all that she knows and exactly how to communicate to Sophie in everyday life so that she feels like everything is under control. We've known Sophie for awhile now and absolutely adore this girl! To schedule an appointment to learn more about Sophie and see if she might be a potential fit for your family, give us a call at 775-800-1906.