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Meet Lunar! Friendly, silly, playful, loving. She loves her toys, her peeps, her soft beds and her doggie friends! Lunar walks excellent on a leash (unless she sees a small critter scurrying in front of her) and rides great in the car. She bonds with people fairly quick so if you have a soft personality and are more of a lover than a leader, the guardian breed in her may feel the need to protect you. Lunar is very large, almost 160 lbs so her forever person will need to be physically able to handle her on a leash, even at the very moment she sees a squirrel! Room to run and play would be hugely beneficial for her as she loves to bound across open land and fling herself and her toys around. More than anything, Lunar would love a person that will include her on activities outdoors such as hiking, walking, car rides and more. She's be an awesome walking buddy! We love the zest for life she carries with her everywhere she goes. A goofy personality. Easy to love!