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Meet Blue! Alert, energetic, curious.

His hair-do is a perfect parallel to his personality. A little wild. A little all over the place. Full of opinions. Never a dull moment. And yet, makes you want to smile from ear to ear. Blue has a story that would make any compassionate human want to scoop him up and protect his little heart. However, that story has posed a challenge when it comes to finding him a forever home. In order to succeed, his needs are specific. He can do it with the right person! We have put this boy in several different environments and each time we learn more and more about who he is and the complexities of how deeply imprinted he is by his past.

We know this boy inside and out and write descriptions for the success of the dog. His needs are simple- human leadership, human companionship, low stimulus environment. We are committed to teaching his new human his leadership needs. For life.

Age: 9
Weight: 73 lbs

Strengths: Rides excellent in the car, has perfect manners inside when he's with his person, house-trained, knows how to chill on the couch pretty darn well too!

Areas to continue to work on: Blue needs slow, structured introductions when meeting new people and/or entering new situations. Gaining the confidence to be alone, to meet new people, to properly assess each situation and respond appropriately. NickThese will all come with proper leadership from his person. His adoption and transition home will come with training and behavior sessions with our behaviorists. We are committed to teaching his new human exactly how to get the best out of Blue! We love this boy!

Kids: No
Dogs: No
Cats: No
Livestock: No
Level of structure needed (scale 1-10): 8
Level of exercise needed (scale 1 – 10): 6