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Meet Kacee! Fun, active, loving. Kacee takes a little time to trust, but once she sees you've been around for awhile and nothing bad has happened, she begins to revel a TON of personality! She is active, loving, fun and playful. Kacee can play ball for hours and the girl loves her swimming pool! She knows all her basic commands and will gladly do a demo for you to show off her skills. She loves to be engaged and will thrive once she's in a home, bonded to her person, exercised and feels part of the family. More than anything, she wants to have a person of her very own. Being included on activities outdoors... with just her and her person.... it would be her ideal slice of heaven. A beautiful girl ready to find stability and a calm, quiet yet active home. We love this girl and her funny personality. She's got character! To schedule and appointment to learn more about Kacee and see if she might be a good fit for your family, give us a call at 775-800-1906.