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Meet Snickers! Loving, loyal. Craves companionship. More than anything, Snickers is wanting to be part of something. She's looking for some stability in her life and a calm environment where she can settle in and just be a dog. She's friendly to strangers and greets everyone with a smile and a tail wag. Her looks certainly help her make new friends! She rides great in the car and loves going on adventures away from the beaten path! Hiking in the hills or out in the desert is where she wants to be! Parks and congested areas simply aren't her cup of tea. Car rides can be the key to her heart and riding co-pilot is one of her favorite places to be. Snickers is sensitive to the energy of her handler and will suffer from anxiety if she's paired with a human with anxiety. If you are a worry wart, she'll start worrying with you. When she's in the hands of a calm leader and has structure in her life, she absolutely transforms into a different dog. The calm, confident, happy version of Snickers takes form and it's a beautiful thing. Her breed was meant to get out and do. She just needs direction. Her ideal environment is one without a lot of stimulus, so she can relax and "be" with her owner. Snickers has taken the Loose Leash training here at CRCS, knows a few hand signals and all her basic commands. She's smart, eager to learn, affectionate and has a little bit of a playful side at just the right times. She has asked us to help her find a home where will have companionship during the day. With the right person in the right environment, this girl will have you thinking you hit the jackpot. We love her big heart and willingness to try try again.