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Meet Jessie! This girl knows the definition of "chill". She's all about it. If there is sun out, she can be found chillin in a sun spot. If there's snow out, she can be found chillin on the couch. Jessie is a volunteer favorite here at CRCS and all of our longest term volunteers have a very special place in their heart for Jessie. In the right home, she would be the easiest, lowest maintenance dog you'll ever find. She does require a very slow introduction to people, just ignore her please and she'll come around. After investing a little time (and a few treats), she is your new BFF. Jessie is very affectionate with those she knows and is often seen on her back getting belly rubs from staff and volunteers. She walks extremely easy on a leash and wins the cleanest dog award every week at CRCS! Hands down. She never destroys anything, never makes a mess, not even a rip on a stuffed animal. She's THAT good. Jessie does love the water and her favorite past time in the summer is chillin in the kiddie pool. Her ideal environment is spacious without a lot of social activity. She likes her people, her car rides, her walks, her treats and her big, soft bed. That's just about Jessie in a nutshell. She isn't seeking to be social butterfly and would not be comfortable in that type of home. If you're chill and looking for a loyal chill partner, this might be your girl. She is a kick.