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Meet Iggy! Shy yet curious, this boy does pretty good one on one with our team out walking the trails and in quiet, low stimulating environments. He is still getting used to the world around him. His ideal human will give him time to observe new things first, then will guide him right along through every new obstacle. Most important for Iggy is a family that will slowly help him see the world! One step at a time. He is young so he'll need to learn car rides, trail walks, walks about the neighborhood and slowly expand his social circle. He has a full life ahead of him and it's critical that he get out to experience it! He can do it! We've seen it! He has come so far during his time here at CRCS. We've brought him about as far as we can at CRCS. He is ready to make the transition to home and begin to learn all that "home life" and "family" have to offer. You'll have the full support of our team and trainers. Looking for a new BFF that will be counting on you for guidance? What you get in return is a loyal companion for life. He's ready! Are you?