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We've been working for months with this sweet boy and he is now ready to find his forever home! Meet Silver! An Aussie with a purpose. Silver is not looking for family life or to snuggle. He has asked us over and over again to help him find a job pretty please. We believe that he grew up working a ranch because so many of his behaviors come from his absolute drive to work. We can tell he has held a job previously. He is incredibly well trained and so fun to work with! Two scenarios might work very well for this boy..... someone that competes in high endurance sports with their dog (agility or other) or someone that is an avid athlete (miles daily hiking or running). Or, he would love to be on a ranch with acres and acres to work along side his human. This is not a snuggle dog, he wants a leader. At CRCS we have done long line training, tons of recall, all the foundation layer training, agility course, structured ball play and more. He LOVES it and he has the endurance to go ALL DAY. He doesn't love the restriction of the leash (though we've worked him on it and he can do it) and he doesn't love sitting at home. If this sounds like you, give us a shout. No children please. He is great with other dogs though. Once we find the right match for Silver, his new humans will need to work with our team to learn all of Silver's commands, talents, requests, quirks and incredible strengths so you can help him become the best version of himself possible! This dog is amazing and in the right environment, he'll thrive! He's ready! Age 7. High endurance. No children.